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Improve Your Cavy Care

Don’t just love your guinea pigs, learn all about them. Get the inside scoop on their history, keeping them healthy, what kind of housing they prefer, and much more!

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Explore 4-H Internationally

Stamp your 4-H passport all over the world and see how 4-H programs are the same and how they differ.

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Revised! Step into Another's Shoes

Look into history and explore any decade from ancient times to the space age. Learn about the time you select and impersonate someone from that era!

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Learn the Business From the Best

Beginning and veteran producers can learn from this all-encompassing manual. Take advantage of having expert advice at your fingertips.

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Ohioline, a resource for Ohioans


Ohioline is an information resource produced by Ohio State University Extension. Through Ohioline, you have access to hundreds of OSU Extension fact sheets covering a wide array of subjects such as agriculture and natural resources, family and consumer sciences, community development, and 4-H youth development.

The fact sheets on Ohioline provide cutting-edge, scientifically based information generated via research conducted by Extension and other Ohio State faculty and staff, often in collaboration with other land-grant university colleagues.

Explore a wealth of information – practical advice, sensible solutions, and realistic down-to-earth answers based on unbiased research.

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