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Sew Much Fun

Take your quilting to the next level with this intermediate project.

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Know Your Ears

Major stress affects yield and grain quality. Identify 10 abnormal corn ears easily with this handy poster.

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Off to the races

Balance the calories you eat with the calories you burn as you compete in sports or increase your fitness level.

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Be Informed

Tick season has just begun. Get the latest information about a new invasive species with this handy set of ID cards.

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Prep with posters

Our dog, beef, sheep, and llama/alpaca posters are perfect for skillathon prep!

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Ohioline, a resource for Ohioans


Ohioline is an information resource produced by Ohio State University Extension. Through Ohioline, you have access to hundreds of OSU Extension fact sheets covering a wide array of subjects such as agriculture and natural resources, family and consumer sciences, community development, and 4-H youth development.

The fact sheets on Ohioline provide cutting-edge, scientifically based information generated via research conducted by Extension and other Ohio State faculty and staff, often in collaboration with other land-grant university colleagues.

Explore a wealth of information – practical advice, sensible solutions, and realistic down-to-earth answers based on unbiased research.

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