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Is it magic?

Discover the forces of nature, energy, and the power of physics at work!

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Scouting Guide

Get up-to-date information from OSU and Penn State Extension partners for complete in-field crop management.

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Now That's a Big Book!

Hundreds of activities for 4-H cloverbuds are included in this classic.

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Be Informed

Tick season has just begun. Get the latest information about a new invasive species with this handy set of ID cards.

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Camelid kit

Our brand new poster set in the Hands-on Learning category helps project members prepare for skillathons.

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On-site Sprinkler Irrigation of Treated Wastewater in Ohio (PDF)


This newly revised PDF publication is a guide designed to help homeowners turn their treated wastewater into an efficient irrigation system. This guide gives 12 steps to achieve an irrigation system design and describes the conditions, regulations, and permits required for construction.

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