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Celebrate the Creepy Crawlies

Whether it's Halloween or not, insects are fun and important! Look at them with a fresh perspective and learn a new appreciation for these incredible creatures.

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Be a Healthy Foodie

Eating fast food? Meh. Making informed decisions about fast food? Score! Eat, learn, and have fun with this project.

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Get Your Parli Pro On

Learning the parliamentary procedure couldn’t be easier with this handy pocket guide. Buy a set of five at a discount.

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Get it Right. We Can Help.

Designers and regulators of wastewater treatment systems—look no further. This bulletin helps you with the construction, operation, and maintenance of these systems. Permit requirements are also included.

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Limited Hours for Ohio County Extension Offices

County Extension offices in Ohio are in various states of reopening. As a result, Extension personnel are now able to place new orders for shipment to those locations.

Subject to local availability, Ohio residents are able to order through local offices. Anyone can still place an order here to be shipped directly to a home address.

Please review your order carefully. We are not able to accept returns.

BONUS: If you’re an Ohio resident, use this coupon for free shipping on orders $20 and more.


Ohioline, a resource for Ohioans


Ohioline is an information resource produced by Ohio State University Extension. Through Ohioline, you have access to hundreds of OSU Extension fact sheets covering a wide array of subjects such as agriculture and natural resources, family and consumer sciences, community development, and 4-H youth development.

The fact sheets on Ohioline provide cutting-edge, scientifically based information generated via research conducted by Extension and other Ohio State faculty and staff, often in collaboration with other land-grant university colleagues.

Explore a wealth of information – practical advice, sensible solutions, and realistic down-to-earth answers based on unbiased research.

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