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Goat Learning Lab Kit

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Full kit, plus cards, poster and tote
Full kit, plus cards, poster and tote
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Overview: The Goat Learning Lab Kit is your answer for species-specific, hands-on, durable materials that make learning tactile and fun. New in 2024: Biosecurity materials! Read more
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Goat Learning Lab Kit

The Goat Learning Lab Kit is your answer for species-specific, hands-on, durable materials that make learning tactile and fun. It includes materials and suggestions for activities that cover anatomy, breeds, conformation, hoof trimming, identification systems, scoring, medicine labels and inserts, meat cuts (wholesale and retail), and animal handling. Use this and other Learning Lab Kits for teaching and evaluating knowledge of livestock and companion animals. Perfect for classrooms, 4-H clubs, FFA chapters, skillathons, agricultural association activities, and more. New in 2024: Biosecurity materials!

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  • Durable posters, pictures, charts, and task cards are printed on cover stock with heavy-duty lamination. Easy to write on and erase!
  • Scored, color-coded, punch-out tags printed on durable polystyrene that come with fabric fasteners. No more painful cutting with scissors!
  • Manipulatives of animals, equipment, and handlers provide practice in safe animal handling and management.
  • Includes heavy-duty, plastic bags for ID tag storage and printed adhesive labels for easy organization.
  • Special hands-on learning tools include a labeled medication bottle, syringe-style pipette, and tattoo set (no ink).
  • The Educator's Curriculum Guide makes it easy for you to get the most out of your kit by providing background information and lesson plans for 20 short activities.
  • The Educator's Resource Materials Set includes reproducible masters for most of the kit contents.
  • Quality Assurance and Animal Care DVD included.
  • Each kit is shipped in a sturdy cardboard box that can be inserted into the canvas carrying case for durable kit storage and transportation.
  • Kit is 26 x 20 x 6 inches and weighs approximately 19 pounds.
  • NOTE: This kit is focused primarily on dairy goats.

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Learning Lab Kits were originally created for exploratory learning in grades 3-12. The hands-on activities provide information in a unique way that encourages youth to explore, reflect, and apply knowledge. Now, these kits are used in many settings—at county and state fair judging, in classrooms and after-school learning programs, and in agricultural association and group meetings.

Learning activities can include ideas like these:

  • Hands-on introduction of agricultural, companion animal, and related topics through observing, communicating, organizing, comparing, relating, inferring, and applying knowledge and information.
  • Learning stations that reinforce animal sciences and agricultural lessons on anatomy, conformation, breeds, equipment, plants. and plant parts, etc.
  • Skillathon or quiz stations in which youth compete as they demonstrate their knowledge.
  • Interactive team events that encourage youth to collaborate and cooperate.
  • Exhibits and displays that help students start conversations and promote positive messaging about agriculture and animal science at public events.

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Have pieces and parts of your learning lab kit gone missing? The fastest and most cost-effective way to replace lost parts is to use the Educator's Resource Materials Set that comes with each kit. It includes black and white images of the kit's components, from the small tags to the large posters, and everything in between. Whenever possible, images are actual size. Use the Educator's Resource Materials Set as your go-to source for replacement parts.

If you need in-color replacement parts or a large piece like a poster, replacement parts are available only through special order. Fill out the survey here to order replacement parts for your kit. One of our customer-service representatives will call you back with an estimate before you place your order.

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